Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Check out my new piece of art/aquarium. And my friends may know of my pet, Nauti the Nautilus. Well this is her new home and she has a wonderful view of the sunrise now from the front porch of my spa.

A favorite pastime for many of us in SL is shopping.
And I'm no exception. One of the most awesome things, for me. is to find places and designers I love but hardly anyone else has heard about. One such place is Pixel Mode. And this outfit is special. Yea Yea.. so I said I'd not post fashion. But this outfit comes with a full copy/mod sculpty skirt. It also includes a sit /walk script that is resettable with a simple menu system. So no more big arse system skirts for me. and i can retexture and color for my other system skirt based outfits...Hoorrayy. So do yourself a favour and pop down there. So if someone says, "your bum looks big in that"...you only have yourself to blame now.
Till later
"Big Arse" Connie saying Caio

Monday, January 28, 2008

My land..and my one and last "fashion" post..

Yes..it's my Fav Bag in all of SL, and i just had to blog it. If you want one, go to Sculptmix and support a talented artist.

This is my entry area showing some of the atmospherics I've added to my land. I now have a Gorgeous view from the top of a cliff over land and sea, It's also become a fave hangout to chat with friends. And I love my Stargate. Just don't go visiting without an invite because you WILL get poofed!
You can click on the pics to see the large version.
Catch you soon

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another post from my Second Life

Hi again. Another busy couple of weeks in SL. Apart from the fun things like dancing at clubs or live shows, (see the pic in the left), I've had the opportunity to make it to some of my discussion groups in SL. I would urge anyone in SL to join at least one and try to make it to a forum or two. You not only get to share ideas, but also meet new and interesting people who are in SL for reasons other than to get (virtually) laid. :) Not that there's anything wrong with that!!
I've completed a few shots for my friend Ronnie's competition entry and am really pleased with the results. As the competition closes on the 1st of Feb., I won't be posting the pic we've entered until then.
I've also managed to meet a wonderful artist/designer in SL who's SL name is Jennifer Hana. Please check out her build of the Plumeria Resort and her Sculptmix stores. She does Art, homewares, plants..and the most gorgeous bag in all of SL. Have a look at my Flickr for pics of that. I've also done a little rejigging of my house in SL to take advantage of a wonderful new view I've acquired. Even made it to some of the Moda fashion shows and actually see people I admire like Codie in the "flesh".
Last, but most importantly, I've managed to spend some quality time with my nearest and dearest in Second Life.
Soon, it's back to University for me and study time will mean less time in Second Life and fewer picture opportunities. However, knowing me, I'll burn the candle at both ends to get to see my friends in Second Life.
Until next time, stay safe and happy.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Too busy in Second Life

What a hectic couple of weeks. So many lovely friends to keep up with, and posting an inspiration for the 'Ivana Keelubitch" series in Flickr, I dont have time to even Blog my doings. I've just finished a series of Lingere photos for my good friend and Model Ronnie Hastings. And am very happy with the results as they were all done in the latest Windlight client. The pic you see is a magazine cover of me on my way out to the Kmadd after party. And that was after seeing the Fab runway show at Short and Sweet. My virtual feet are aching and my head is whirling from all the tp's. And I've not made it to the ETD and Last Call sales yet. Which could be a good thing as all, and i mean, almost ALL the girls in SL seem to be wearing the stuff now. Of course those that know me well in SL, know that I'm a contrarian. If the majority are doing something, then I'll be as far away from that as the grid will take me :)
But enough of that. Im off to make dinner, or I may be emulating that Korean found in the internet cafe, hands still at the keyboard, starved to death. Which is not a good look. Though some modeling agencies may think otherwise.
See you soon and love you all

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008..and its fun already

So everyone's on holidays, and looks like they are all in SL.
So how do you deal with IM storms, checking on those million and one notices from fashion consolidated while actually exploring some of Second Life?
For me, not well at all :)
Everyone that IM's me is important. Maybe it's the way i was brought up, but i can't ignore, or give cursory replies to friends. So as a blanket apology..if I seem distracted...I probably am..sorry.
As far as dealing with Fashion notices..well, i can't afford everything, so if it's not from one of my fav designers, most probably after a quick look, I'll click, OK. Hey, there are only so many Bra's a girl can wear!!
So I eventually get the chance to do some exploring,,,and waddayouknow...hehe..I run into fellow flickrite, Faith. I always find it a pleasure to see my fellow picture posters in SL. Not only for the interest in seeing what they look like in "real life", but to meet the person behind the piccies and swap notes and tips. That she did a wonderful job on my angel in picture pileups was a bonus. I promise to catch up again soon Faith,,and we WILL do some Pics together and show you how to sort that hair problem.
Then 2 visitors to my place and before you know it, 8 hrs have passed by. And I still haven't caught up with Janey and Squirls!!! And Ronnie wants me do do her pic for a modelling competition too...arhhhh!!
If this is what the new year holds..I'm excited...and already feeling bushed lol.
So that's the short version of my first day of 08 in SL. And ...loving it.
PS..and my old and good friend Jennie decided to visit me that evening. She has been out of SL for soooo long. It was wonderful to see her. Love you Hun. I'm so glad RL is treating you well. Come visit again soon.

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