Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008..and its fun already

So everyone's on holidays, and looks like they are all in SL.
So how do you deal with IM storms, checking on those million and one notices from fashion consolidated while actually exploring some of Second Life?
For me, not well at all :)
Everyone that IM's me is important. Maybe it's the way i was brought up, but i can't ignore, or give cursory replies to friends. So as a blanket apology..if I seem distracted...I probably am..sorry.
As far as dealing with Fashion notices..well, i can't afford everything, so if it's not from one of my fav designers, most probably after a quick look, I'll click, OK. Hey, there are only so many Bra's a girl can wear!!
So I eventually get the chance to do some exploring,,,and waddayouknow...hehe..I run into fellow flickrite, Faith. I always find it a pleasure to see my fellow picture posters in SL. Not only for the interest in seeing what they look like in "real life", but to meet the person behind the piccies and swap notes and tips. That she did a wonderful job on my angel in picture pileups was a bonus. I promise to catch up again soon Faith,,and we WILL do some Pics together and show you how to sort that hair problem.
Then 2 visitors to my place and before you know it, 8 hrs have passed by. And I still haven't caught up with Janey and Squirls!!! And Ronnie wants me do do her pic for a modelling competition too...arhhhh!!
If this is what the new year holds..I'm excited...and already feeling bushed lol.
So that's the short version of my first day of 08 in SL. And ...loving it.
PS..and my old and good friend Jennie decided to visit me that evening. She has been out of SL for soooo long. It was wonderful to see her. Love you Hun. I'm so glad RL is treating you well. Come visit again soon.

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