Monday, January 14, 2008

Too busy in Second Life

What a hectic couple of weeks. So many lovely friends to keep up with, and posting an inspiration for the 'Ivana Keelubitch" series in Flickr, I dont have time to even Blog my doings. I've just finished a series of Lingere photos for my good friend and Model Ronnie Hastings. And am very happy with the results as they were all done in the latest Windlight client. The pic you see is a magazine cover of me on my way out to the Kmadd after party. And that was after seeing the Fab runway show at Short and Sweet. My virtual feet are aching and my head is whirling from all the tp's. And I've not made it to the ETD and Last Call sales yet. Which could be a good thing as all, and i mean, almost ALL the girls in SL seem to be wearing the stuff now. Of course those that know me well in SL, know that I'm a contrarian. If the majority are doing something, then I'll be as far away from that as the grid will take me :)
But enough of that. Im off to make dinner, or I may be emulating that Korean found in the internet cafe, hands still at the keyboard, starved to death. Which is not a good look. Though some modeling agencies may think otherwise.
See you soon and love you all

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