Thursday, December 20, 2007

More problems in Second Life

So, Dec 19th and Second Life has asset server problems. Is it just me, or is it getting more and more unreliable? While no expert, it seems to me that SL is struggling to maintain growth with base code that is not up to the task. To then assert that it is the future of the net is frankly laughable. Imagine if one company controlled the net..and having the entire net shut down because of "asset server" problems.
I have already been exploring alternatives. There are other worlds out there , in beta or already running. I've already signed up as a beta tester for one. I will start a virtual life in another..and availability and clunky user experience will determine where i spend most of my time.
So unless the "Lindens" get their act together, I can see them losing me.
I love second life, and have invested time, money and most importantly, have made some close friends in SL. Many may put up with it as they may only use SL as their own little sex toy to live out their fantasies..but there are many for whom SL is more than just that. If some move to other worlds and start to bring friends along, I can see SL becoming a ghetto for the ones for whom SL is just a "game".
Of course, you can disagree with me..SL "fanboys" will make all sorts of excuses, but in the end you can wave all the flags you like, the general population, who don't give a damn about technical issues and internecine infighting, will just move on. Prok and all the rest can have the field to themselves.....arguing over a depopulated wasteland full of Mistresses, Masters, Ponygirls, Goreans and their ilk.
All the above can be taken with a grain of me.

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