Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Check out my new piece of art/aquarium. And my friends may know of my pet, Nauti the Nautilus. Well this is her new home and she has a wonderful view of the sunrise now from the front porch of my spa.

A favorite pastime for many of us in SL is shopping.
And I'm no exception. One of the most awesome things, for me. is to find places and designers I love but hardly anyone else has heard about. One such place is Pixel Mode. And this outfit is special. Yea Yea.. so I said I'd not post fashion. But this outfit comes with a full copy/mod sculpty skirt. It also includes a sit /walk script that is resettable with a simple menu system. So no more big arse system skirts for me. and i can retexture and color for my other system skirt based outfits...Hoorrayy. So do yourself a favour and pop down there. So if someone says, "your bum looks big in that"...you only have yourself to blame now.
Till later
"Big Arse" Connie saying Caio

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