Thursday, September 6, 2012

And another thing before I go ...

And another thing before I go ... Hair. Renata by GOTZSCHE Shirt : No 1 by NODe+ Mesh Boyfriend Blazer by MW Boa Leather pants by erratic / zoey F.Y.I. Privacy protection company analysed some 500,000 Facebook apps, and shared the results with Mashable. 63 per cent of those apps ask for the ability to post on your behalf and 69 per cent of them can grab your email address. "It has become second nature to connect various apps like Instagram, SocialCam, AngryBirds, CityVille, and Spotify to your Facebook ID," says founder Christian Sigl. "You just click 'agree' without even really knowing what you are agreeing to. What you don't realise is that social apps linked to your Facebook profile can pretty much track your and your friends' whole life." The permission puts your friends at risk, too. According to, one in every five can access the personal data of the user's friends including friends' birthdays, education and work history. "It doesn't matter what your privacy settings are, the apps still get this information." From the S.M.H.

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