Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas to all my wonderful you.
A beautiful song, written by Joni Mitchell and a fantastic piano/vocal done Live by Sarah. It melts me.

A selection of pics from 2007

Thursday, December 20, 2007

More problems in Second Life

So, Dec 19th and Second Life has asset server problems. Is it just me, or is it getting more and more unreliable? While no expert, it seems to me that SL is struggling to maintain growth with base code that is not up to the task. To then assert that it is the future of the net is frankly laughable. Imagine if one company controlled the net..and having the entire net shut down because of "asset server" problems.
I have already been exploring alternatives. There are other worlds out there , in beta or already running. I've already signed up as a beta tester for one. I will start a virtual life in another..and availability and clunky user experience will determine where i spend most of my time.
So unless the "Lindens" get their act together, I can see them losing me.
I love second life, and have invested time, money and most importantly, have made some close friends in SL. Many may put up with it as they may only use SL as their own little sex toy to live out their fantasies..but there are many for whom SL is more than just that. If some move to other worlds and start to bring friends along, I can see SL becoming a ghetto for the ones for whom SL is just a "game".
Of course, you can disagree with me..SL "fanboys" will make all sorts of excuses, but in the end you can wave all the flags you like, the general population, who don't give a damn about technical issues and internecine infighting, will just move on. Prok and all the rest can have the field to themselves.....arguing over a depopulated wasteland full of Mistresses, Masters, Ponygirls, Goreans and their ilk.
All the above can be taken with a grain of me.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dangerous ideas in Second Life

Being on holiday from SL has allowed me to do some reading. One book that really made me ponder my use of SL was, "What is your dangerous idea" by John Brockman. Find out more at the One "dangerous idea" is that though the universe is most probably populated by many ET's, the reason why they are not here is that they got addicted to video games. Instead of colonising space, they got addicted to virtual reality narcisism.
My dangerous idea is that virtual worlds could help us save the planet. We can get our need for more, our "retail therapy" as you will, without overconsumption of our natural resources and so reverse the damage being done to our world by our growth fuelled consumerist society. If we get our "hit" from virtual products, we won't have to cut down trees, mine ores or expend energy and pollute our ecosystem with carbon to attain what our society and civilisation needs us to do. That is, to consume and grow endlessly like some cancer cell.
What do you think?
Of course, all the above can be taken with a grain of me :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


What to wear? Anything worth wearing has already been invented in the last 30 years. Some in second life think you can buy style. Sorry can't. Just TP to Armidi and you will see what I mean. AV's with the hair, clothes and accessories...all from the same place. They think they now have "style". Sorry, that says LAZY.
Of course you can go to the clubs and there you see the total gamut of clothing disasters. Everything from the shorty skirt, stockings, bling shoes, cheap hair, awful skin, tits bigger than their heads and bums you can park a truck on, ( lightbulb's a guy in "mufti") to the very occasional "fashionista " with the essential hair from RAC and latest outfit blogged by another fashionista. Of course these two have the one thing in common. It's NOT style.
The truly stylish , I feel, make their own. Don't just follow the blogs. Use them. It's not to say that every outfit HAS to be a mashup. The truly styliish will get away with a traditional "look" but not wear it always.
Eccentric clothes can be stylish but very difficult to achieve. The thing to think is, who you are trying to attract, who you are trying to impress, and who you want nothing to do with. Dressing like a weirdo only impresses other weirdo's.
Never follow "fashion". It's a definition for what you cant afford and wouldnt be caught dead in anyway.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Models Models Models

As some of you may know, I'm a big poster of Pics in SL. Among the types of Pics I send to Flickr, there are photos of the better known denizens of SL and the Models that appear at some of the shows I happen to make it to.
So it was a pleasure, though being late, to have the chance to do some VERY quick shots of some models after a runway show. I did them in about 10 Minutes with another half hour of cropping and processing in my Grafix programs. So I was able to post one pic of most of the models who appeared at the show within an hour. Must be some sort of record. Just click on the Flicker link you see to the right. I hope you enjoy them. A special thanks to my good friend Ronnie who was one of the models at the show. She alerted me to the show and managed to wangle an invite for me. Love you sweetie.
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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Connie in 30 Sec

A 30 second "video" of some of my vanity pics in Flickr

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