Friday, January 22, 2010

Australia Day 26Th Jan 2010

Meet You at Circular Quay
Cherry Girl *H* Dress CS Moon WH Dress

Advice For New Australians

The Connster sidled up to Bhelle, while sucking a tinnie dry.
She sat on down and crushed the can,
Between her (substantial) thighs.
"I'll tell ya this 'Ol Sheila,
and this one's fer free"
As she ripped the ringpull from
another Tinnie.
Sucking on her cig, she began to relate,
how Aussies are usually,
everyone's mate.
"Except for Abo's and Chinks and Wops
And little brown people with mismatching socks
And Americans and Poms, and almost anyone you see
'Cos we are egalitarian,
and hate everyone

Our National Anthem ( as it should be sung)

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