Friday, February 3, 2012

Taking care of "Market Failure".

Taking care of "Market Failure".

Jacket (Mesh) : kelley.night by coldLogic
 Leather Leggings ( Mesh) by Maitreya
DECO - Press Fedora by Barf Delicioso
L&B  "Orleans" Lace Ankle boots
Location: reBourne Prefabs

 In 2009, US $8.4 trillion was mobilised to prop up ailing banks. The American Insurance Group (AIG) alone received US $173 billion in aid. That is $50 billion more than total global aid levels. Total bonuses paid to finance executives in that year was greater than the entire foreign aid paid by every country on earth.  AIG’s executive bonuses alone could have paid for enough teachers for 7 million children in Africa.

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