Saturday, February 2, 2008

Windlight,, server update and rollback or Fashcon madness

Another Hectic few days in Second Life. To start with, I've been playing round for while now and made my own presets in Windlight. The aim being, to get a decent av lighting, without losing the environment. Above is a pic taken straight from Windlight showing the sky and me in my Fav preset. Some of the results from my portraits can be seen in my Flickr pics.

Of course, SL hasn't been a help lately. With server update gone wrong, a rollback and general slooooow rezzing and lag. And of course I've been using windlight to do the above. It's almost enough to make a girl wish Semester has started so I can fall asleep on my books. Notice I said..almost!!

And then there was the "Fashcon" madness. Great fun, chasing free skins, jewelry and clothes. For example, at Glamworld, I just cammed in to grab the freebe and at Tami Macoy, a bunch of us were stuck at the entrance, piled on top of each other, not able to move. I didn't have as much luck there..even the store refused to rezz for me there. Had to log out to get out as not even TP was working!! All the while Lindens were trying to restart failed Sims and Sims crashing due to girls flooding the sims to grab their freebees. I think I even got my hair pulled!!!...but it MUST have been my imagination.
Well until my next dispatch, keep smiling, keep logging, and a tip....if u lost that shoe, necklace or bang...errr...I think I saw it up your bum.
Laugh,..or you'd cry

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