Friday, July 25, 2008

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Simple Cami Top by SLink
Tied Jacket by Le Cubic effect
Jeans by Drawmachine
Hair from Detour
Bracelets from Bossanova and Mezzo
Model: Connie Arida
Location: Home

Elisyee Gold (sleek) by Sascha's Designs

Elisyee Gold (sleek) by Sascha's Designs
Hair: Sirena Seduction
Necklace and Earrings: Muse Elle Orchid Necklace (champagne)
Skin: -Belleza- EMA Med
Bracelets: R hand Double full circle bracelet opening gift EMJ, L hand, Bijoux Bo XO Diamonds GOLD Bracelet
Model Connie Arida
Location : Studio

Embroidered Dress By SLink

Embroidered Dress by SLink
Hair by Shop Seu
Pumps by Redgrave
Model: Connie Arida
Location: Studio

OUTTAKES From the Brilliant Blonds Lingerie Charity Calender 2009
Please Contact CallieDel Boa or the Brilliant Blonds Group for details

1angelcares Writer
Model: 1angelcares Writer

Teal Freenote
Model: Teal Freenote
Wearing Babydoll by Solange

Model: Trixi Wuyts

Tottie Tenk
Model: Tottie Tenk
Bra by Melissa's Lingerie

All Photography by Connie Sec

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