Monday, April 22, 2013

Body Image

 Are You A Barbie?

Are You A Barbie?

While Barbie's head would be two inches larger than the average U.S. woman's, her waist would be 19 inches smaller and her hips would be 11 inches smaller. Since her waist would be four inches thinner than her head, Barbie's body wouldn't have the room it needs to hold all of its vital organs, and her uber-skinny ankles and child-size feet would make it necessary for her to walk on all fours.
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One of my bugbears is seeing people with arms that are too short. Here is a guide for you

You Are Not A Sketch

You Are Not A Sketch

 Released by Brazilian modelling agency Star Models as part of an anti-anorexia campaign. They have used photoshop to whittle a real model’s body down to the unrealistic shape of a classic designer’s drawing.
Magazine editors need to stop using dangerously thin models, designers need to stop making samples in size 6 and agencies need to stop encouraging their girls to stay unhealthily thin.
Does Second Life have an, albeit, small role to play?

Chrisse died today.
One of my fave songs sung by her

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