Saturday, February 7, 2009


Holiday Snap


Bikini by Cherry Girl
Location: Home

Flickr, Fashion and other Animals

Flickr, Fashion and other Animals

Outfit: Sex Kitten by Sn@tch
Boots by Bax


Hair : Zero Style
Top and Bra: Angel Dessous
Pants: NAIMA Fashion
Jewelry: Persona
Location: Triniti Paradise

Waiting for Valentines

The Wait

Lingerie by Adam N Eve
Location: Studio

Hint, Hint

Lingerie by Angel Dessous

Lingerie by Angel Dessous
Location: Home

Sister Constanza

Sister Constanza

Flickr will have Nun of that.
So they have decided to make all my pics "Restricted".
Isn't it amazing how one complaint can put the fear of god into Yahoo.
For the larger size click on the pic and ignore the Kittens

All Pics by Connie Arida / Sec

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Cajsa Lilliehook said...

You can appeal and perhaps change whatever photo sent their censor into vapors to Mature. I had the same thing happen. Their censor objected to a dress and a bikini that he wanted set to mature, I went along with the bikini to get the restricted setting lifted off everything else. Don't let them force restricted on everything - fight it. They have a sick censor who thinks everything is prurient, even bikinis.

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