Saturday, November 8, 2008

A mirror of dreams

Lingerie by Detour
Hair by House of Heart (modded)

Get Wet at home

Bikini by Cherry Girl
Hair by Truth

Contemplation of light

Hair By Armidi
Jacket by Ce Cubic effect
Gold Cami Top and silk pants by Second Wave Apparel

Cyberdystopia?..not when u have ciggies

Hair by House of heart
Sunglasses by Solar
Jacket and belt by :Sey
Leather Miniskirt by Naima
Location: Insilico

Model: Connie Arida
Photography by Connie Sec
Other Locations: Mahalia (Home Sim)

1 comment:

Antimony Battery said...

Connie! Please help! I noticed in some of your swimsuit pics (particularly Nov. 8th 2008, second one down) you're wearing a water droplets layer. WHERE can I get that?? I've been looking everywhere for it, and keep coming up empty. Save me! I'm desperate!

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