Friday, July 18, 2008

That Fashionista Groove Thing

Gidday Fellow Clothespegs,
Connie here.
If you have seen my posts before, you probably know I don't usually natter on about the stuff I show to you in pics. I usually leave the "OMG, I loved it soo much I squealed like a 13 year old and bought the fatpack" quips to others. I certainly won't bore you with the humdrum details of my SL, namedropping designers I know and giving plugs to special friendly mall owners. And as far as describing the have eyes for that, and rabbitting on about fashion is, I find, akin to dancing to architecture. Ohhh..and if you see me use the word "Woot" again..I will hand in my Sculpty nipples.
Regarding leaving links to the store for each piece, well, I'm way too lazy to do that, and I am sure most of you know how to use the SL search button by now.
But, what the hey, as it seems the thing to leave long ramblings for you to read, well, who am I to go against it???
So firstly, I shall show, for your perusal, this little look I put together.

That Fashionista Groove Thing

Yes, I know its all rather "Fashionista", with the Pompadour do by Shop Seu and the BIG sunglasses by Suite 17 and Chunky bracelets by Zaaara. However,I reckon the hair is delicious. I also love the top from SLink, and, as there is no danger of spilling out of it in SL, I think it's a must have. BTW, the earrings are from Bonbonniere, and, as is my habit, I have a freebe simple drop Onyx necklace from Muse.

And Next..I've not seen it before, but to me, if you have the skill to stretch and position, it's a must have.

Beachy Keen

Yes..a full prim Bikini by Kru's Boutique. If you are like me, and sick of having your straps plastered to your skin, then these 2 pieces of primmy goodness are for you. You can see more pics of this Micro Bikini in my flickr. Just click the title of this Post and off you go.

And what self respecting Blog would be complete without some shameless self promotion.
So I'll show you a little teaser pic from the Brilliant Blonds Lingerie Calender 2009.

Yea Yea...steady girls. Olaf is taken. Anyhoo, I've done 6 months of the Calender so far, and when complete, it will feature 2 blonds in one pic per month and an occasional "SLeb". It will be sold through the Brilliant Blonds Group in SL and all proceeds will go to charity. So, if you have any queries, just contact CallieDel Boa, or the Brilliant Blonds Group and she will be able to help with any questions.
As usual all the above pics were taken by Moi (Connie Sec), and it just so happens that the model for the first 2 Pics is Connie Arida (Moi). The models shown in the Calender teaser are Oleg and Calamity.
I think this may be the last time I'll be adding a long blurb to this blog thing, after all, I usually watch Fashionplanet for the Pics.
So, until next week, take care, stay cool, healthy and keep a tidy inventory.

Disclaimer: Connie is sometimes careless, sometimes loses her cool, smokes Cigarettes and her inventory is a goddamn mess.

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