Wednesday, December 12, 2007


What to wear? Anything worth wearing has already been invented in the last 30 years. Some in second life think you can buy style. Sorry can't. Just TP to Armidi and you will see what I mean. AV's with the hair, clothes and accessories...all from the same place. They think they now have "style". Sorry, that says LAZY.
Of course you can go to the clubs and there you see the total gamut of clothing disasters. Everything from the shorty skirt, stockings, bling shoes, cheap hair, awful skin, tits bigger than their heads and bums you can park a truck on, ( lightbulb's a guy in "mufti") to the very occasional "fashionista " with the essential hair from RAC and latest outfit blogged by another fashionista. Of course these two have the one thing in common. It's NOT style.
The truly stylish , I feel, make their own. Don't just follow the blogs. Use them. It's not to say that every outfit HAS to be a mashup. The truly styliish will get away with a traditional "look" but not wear it always.
Eccentric clothes can be stylish but very difficult to achieve. The thing to think is, who you are trying to attract, who you are trying to impress, and who you want nothing to do with. Dressing like a weirdo only impresses other weirdo's.
Never follow "fashion". It's a definition for what you cant afford and wouldnt be caught dead in anyway.


Kalderi Tomsen said...

You make some really good points. I get tired of the same-old looks going around - not everybody has to look like a stripper! It's hard work, though, to really find unique things - I get soooo bored of shopping and seeing the same old items everywhere (well, the same styles, anyway).

Anonymous said...

It's indeed amazing how you can - with a little experience - trust your first impression, even in SL. The ones that take care of their avies (that is, of themselves, really) are the ones you'll notice have put together a distinctive mixture of shape, skin, hair, clothing, animations, profile and mode of speech. Those are the ones I, for my part, like to meet.

The others are those that may or may not have expensive things on them, but somehow don't seem authentic. So style, I think, is just carefully being yourself.

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